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Resources to Support You To Develop High-Quality Stories and Story Worlds

Here, you’ll access resources that could help you in your journey discovering the secrets to creating compelling stories and worlds.

You can browse three major sections.

A pair of glasses on top of an open book, with the lens bringing into focus the words on the pageSection 1. Book Reviews About Creating Stories and Building Worlds

I share with you a list of book reviews that I’ve read, or will read, on the craft of storytelling.

The books I end up selecting to review is completely random, and mostly motivated by feeling compelled to share a great book that I enjoyed reading.


A young woman standing in front of an adult sized book opened to reveal a doorway on the left page leading to a set of stairs hinting at fantastical settingSection 2. What I’m Learning About Creating Stories and Building Worlds

This is a collection of reflections on key concepts related to crafting compelling stories.

I suspect that the evolution of the topics will emerge organically.

Perhaps, over time, depending on the body of work, I’ll circle back and improve the structuring of the list of posts for ease of reference.


A row of Lego block storm troopers with one stepping out of line and looking at the cameraSection 3. Resources Recommended by Others to Create Stories and Build Worlds

This is an eclectic listing of resources recommended by others. These others may be authors, bloggers, and so on.

In the course of studying about story craft, I have bumped into a variety of rich resources compiled by so many other people. Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already invested so much quality time?

Plus, it seems like such a shame to lose sight of such useful resources. So, this is a way to capture them for ease of reference. This listing offers you quick and easy access to how others in the field approach their craft. This may be useful to you in how you think about how you want to approach your story making projects.


Images courtesy of the artists at Pixabay.