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Book Reviews About Creating Stories and Building Worlds


You dream of writing fiction your readers are compelled to finish.

Where to start?

A pair of glasses on top of an open book, with the lens bringing into focus the words on the pageHow do you know you’re using the best techniques? What is story structure? Is learning it worth the investment when different authors have different words for appears to be the same thing?

Why not just let the story unfold itself from your subconscious, and fix it all up later?

What qualities make a likable character?

How to create a villain who isn’t two dimensional?

How can you improve your description to better reflect the mood?

What about subtext?

And the list of questions goes on, and on, and on.

The more answers you find, the more questions you have.

I won’t even begin to pretend that I have the answers. I’m still working on my initial work-in-progress.

Sharing With You What I’m Learning About Creating Fiction and their Worlds

A book open on a table among a cup and three stacks of thick booksWhat I’m offering here is a list of book reviews.

When I dive into a new field, I go into “read everything” mode. I read until I get to a point of saturation where I can perceive the patterns: what is common, what is different, what trends are moving in and out, and so on.

Then, I want to share what I learned. I’m presuming this compulsion is due to the teacher within me. Plus, there’s the added benefit of reinforcing the learning when you think out loud when you share what you have learned with others.

So, this is exactly what this “Book Review” segment of this website is about. As I continue to share what I know beyond my immediate circle of usual suspects, my intention is to capture analyses and reflections about the books I’ve read, am reading, and will read.

In this, my approach will probably be random: Which book do I want to talk about today? What idea is floating around in my head the most and what book contributed to some of that thinking? Why? How? What are the implications? And so on.

This page is about capturing the list of book reviews. For more information and ideas on the various concepts related to creating fiction and worlds, evaluate how another page I’m developing — What I’m Learning About Creating Stories and Worlds — might be useful to you.

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